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Combat Skills
Now that combat skills are in place, I would love some ideas for more combat skills. Are there any that you want to see in the game? Maybe there is some specific playstyle you enjoy that I can make sure is supported through skills?

The current skills are:
-Adrenaline: Heals 1 hp per turn, no matter what.
-Momentum: Heals 1 hp per attack. This is more powerful when dual wielding.
-Weak Spots: Increase to base armor penetration (+1)
-Resilient: Increase to base armor (+1)
-Naked Warrior: When not wearing any armor, you get 10 armor.
-Dominating Presence: Damages enemy by 1 every turn, no matter what.
When you astral perceive your dual natured.

When your dual natures you can attack astral things with your meat stats and skills.

As long as said astral entity is within reach you don’t need astral combat.

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