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Snail taur
Just writing things down here so I don't forget them.

Snail legs. Goes in the same slot as the Centaur/Snake/Drider leg types. From the waist down the body turns into a long slimy slug.

Scenes would be described in a sticky slow moving way. With slow pumping motions and wet sticky noises. Consider introducing orgasm types. A continuous ejaculation while still slowly fucking would be fitting, also when laying eggs inside the... victim.

A species based on this would either be entirely female. With a pussy and an ovipositor. The pussy is there to fertilize the eggs before insertion into a warm host. Alternatively they would be male and female, where the male functions like normal, apart from having rear mounted genitals kinda like a centaur except hidden in a slit. The female would have the same configuration as above. The female just having a pussy and reproducing like a mammal is also a possibility.

A species based on this should also include some feelers on the head, but otherwise a regular torso will do.

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