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Vagina and Orifice types
How about adding different types of vaginas and orifices so that penises don't get all the variety? Things like canine vaginas or being able to have a cloaca instead. A cloaca would also allow for different kinds of scenes as well as maybe effecting any sort of anal scene.
This is one of the points I have been struggling with. I've been considering various clit placements, and some variation in how vaginas behave. I mean you could have one that is capable of massaging, walls could be covered in tiny writhing tentacles. I do have a few ideas.

A canine one, as you suggest, would be pretty easy to implement. There are no weird mechanics that don't fit in to the current implementation, and it would for the most part function like a regular vagina.

Cloaca is a good suggestion, but I'll need to think about how exactly I should implement it. What does it count as? Vagina variation? Anus variation? Should there be a male variant? etc.

The vagina variations that are currently in-game are all in the following categories:
-Womb type (Normal, Eggs, Override)
-Cervix type (Normal, Suckling and "Elastic" I think it was.)
-Colors (Vulva color, Labia color, Inside color and Cervix color)
-Taste (Normal, Sweet and a few more I can't quite remember.)

Aesthetically, some bioluminescence could add some variation as well.

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