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Alright, so I figured I should probably write down my thoughts on avatars so far, both for bookkeeping purposes and for the sake of feedback and discussion.

To make this feature well, I will be needing some support so I can hire an artist to do the artwork. I can make a mockup before that, but I can't really draw well, so a professional would be a lot better for the finished feature. Alternatively, a future community might be willing to help, and in that spirit a folder of images that you could upload yourself might be a good solution.

Full body: Showing the characters full body is the most ideal. This would show any interesting body parts, which is good for... purposes.

Gear: In the first iteration of an avatar system, gear will be ignored. This is to save time and money. But it must still be accounted for in planning, as to avoid any future problems with adding gear. (Like wide hips, taurs etc.)

Taurs: Should probably touch this topic right away. Yes, taurs will be included. I have specifically designed the game around this being possible. You'll notice there are no "pants/trousers" in the game, and this is why. Only the upper body would be covered by the armor, with some hanging pieces/plates obscuring below the waist (thigh length for the most part). If it makes sense to add a "leg part" to an armor piece, it would simply be ignored if you or the other character are a taur. Genitals have two possible placements currently, which are "pelvis" and "rear". Some trickery will be needed when it comes to various taur types and rear genitals, obviously. Snakes and slimes come to mind. Worst case, if it becomes too difficult to display properly, the rear genitals could simply be artistically hidden.

Mosaic: Each avatar will be constructed from a series of layers that contain various body parts. Kind of like what photoshop/etc does, where the relevant body parts are visible and everything else is simply hidden. For simplicity I will limit avatars to a single pose. Otherwise the amount of images needed would be multiplied by the number of poses. The single pose will be "frontal full body". Probably with a slight offset to give some depth. A rear view would be nice too though, but it is a secondary priority.

Colors: Color areas will be specified and then overriden. This allows your pussy to be green or whatever. This might require the source images to be false color or black&white, but I will need to look into this further before starting.

Height: Character size should be displayed through how much of the portrait the character covers. A small body would perhaps only cover 1/2 or 1/3 of the portrait, while a giant could maybe even be too big for the portrait. An object or background image could also be displayed for reference. (Not a banana.) Another thing worth mentioning is that some stretching of the image might be appropriate for various body heights. This is to avoid smaller character just looking like a humonculus. Will have to experiment with ratios and discuss with an artist.

Hips: The simplest variant uses "wide" and "not wide" hips.

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on this. Smile

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