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Character creator
So, I've been getting some feedback that defaulting to male at the start is off-putting. I can understand that.

I am about to start working on character creation and I would appreciate some input on what choices people would want from the get-go. So, if you were presented with just the following options and always starting as human, how would you feel?

The reason I'm not just giving you the "Change DNA" screen right away is that I was considering making the more exotic body parts unlockable as you discover them. That would add an extra element of progression, and fit pretty well with your role as an explorer.

I'm thinking maybe expanding "Gender" to involve "Breasts", "Hips" and maybe "Hair length and color"? Unless you implicitly start with breasts, wide hips and long hair if you select "Female". Also, would starting as a herm be necessary, or is the medical bay good enough for that?

Thoughts on the matter?

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