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Scene Checks
I know this game is new; it probably seems like a lot on your plate, and you know all this stuff already, but you'll want to go through all these scenes to make sure they make sense:

suddenly finding a spare crate to lay your partner(s) against in the desert,on the frozen tundra,in the marshes, or on a lava field, seems kind of awkward.

Some of the female scenes have a "you lay her on her side in the grass" or "the sounds of your mating echo through the forest" but when you are on a desert planet, or in the frozen tundra, it sounds weird.

You could put a {location check} and have a little bit of a change to make it sound less odd.
such as:
You lay her on her side (in the sand,in the swampy soil, in the snow ) and so on.

The sounds of your mating echoes {across the dunes, through the marsh,across the frozen tundra} or whatever.

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