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Gender tags
You might want to double check a bunch of the scenes for stuff like this : using she/he when it should say him/her,
and don't get me started on the hermaphrodites.

for example; {Female, back on surface}

You walk towards her, pressing her back until *her* yelps and falls back onto a crate

{Male, Back on surface}

You walk towards him, pushing him back until *him* yelps and falls back onto a crate
Yeah, there's been a lot of those. They're easy to get wrong. I should probably get to making some writing tools that can cut down on these kinds of mistakes.

I do go over the scenes after writing them and adapting them for the code, but if I say.. forget to change a "her" into Partner.himHerYou.ToLower(), you get errors like this.

I guess making some tools is in order.

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