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buy Agglomerate Stone Black Collection
Our History
Guangxi Gaia Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd, focuses on offering supply chain service ranging from production of natural granite, natural marble and engineered stone to logistic arrangement.
Our company is based on Guangxi, China, where contains a huge amount of stone quarry. After years of development, the company has integrated more factories to provide customers with richer products. We have become a supplier of granite, marble, quartz and artificial marble. With the rich stone resource, we can supply a more competitive price. Located in Wuzhou City, an inland port , we are able to load finished products directly from our local factory. With the quality, transportation and origin advantage, Gaia is here to be your long-term partner.
With smart sales team, precise QC team and skillful freight forwarders, we are a solid and compact squad striving to offering unparalleled quality and service to homeowners, designers, architects and contractors all over the world.
Our Factory
Our factory is located near the quarry, rich in resources, annual capacity of 500 thousand tons, to provide customers with a stable source of supply.
For continuous development and competiveness of the company, company has spent huge sums on introducing advanced processing techniques and equipment from Italy and Taiwan. Sophisticated processing equipment and advanced production technology ensure high quality and standards satisfying the needs of major decoration projects both home and abroad.
Our Product
Granite, marble, artificial marble, quartz, stone craftwork
Product Application
Indoor Wall/ Floor Decoration, countertop& vanity, landscaping stone, paving stone, kerb, etc.
Our Certificate
SGS, NSF, test report
Production Equipment
For continuous development and competiveness of the company, company has spent huge sums on introducing advanced processing techniques and equipment from Italy and Taiwan.
Production Market
Our products are now sold in Philippines, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Germany.
Our Service
Our production including: block cutting, brushing, slab polishing, tile cutting, other processing, lay out, QC inspection, packing and loading.
Selected Materials - According to clients' samples or supplied photos, we will send professional worker to choose blocks and find blocks to meet client's requests of color and pattern.
Blocks Saw cut - Blocks cut to rough slabs in needed thickness (commonly in the thickness of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm or 30mm) or cut to small blocks by Gang Saw Machines.
Polishing - It will make thickness, flatness and polish lightness of the slabs to reach quality requests. Through polishing, stones will show its color, pattern and gloss.
Cut-to-size - By infrared cutting machine, slabs are cut to required size.
Extra Processing - Beside above processing steps, some products need extra processing, such as polished edges, beveled edges and drilled holes etc.
QC- We accept the third-party quality inspection, in the production process we provide production feedback, so that customers understand the production process. Before shipment, we can provide the inspection forms of the products according to the customers' requirements. Ensure customers get satisfactory products.
Packaging - we will provide wooden frame packing slabs, and we will provide wooden cases for packaging tiles. buy Agglomerate Stone Black Collection

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