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Being worked on
Lately I've been working on moving sex scenes over to the new xml files, as well as re-writing some things I was not happy with. I'm writing them in google docs for the spell-check and notepad++ to edit the xml, and it's working great so far. I have literally had no problems while using the new system to write scenes. As anticipated the new state-machine makes keeping track of player options and adding new scene branches a lot easier. Due to that fact, I have been adding more detail (basically stages) to some of the scenes, which I think will make everything a little more interesting. For example, I have added some post-orgasm cuddling, and the ability to go from mouth fucking to throat fucking by "going deeper".

It is a lot of work though. I have been adding a lot of criteria which the engine now handles, like "ActiveHasKnot" or "ReceivingIsWet" which refer to each partner and a property they have. These criteria can either be used to determine if an option is available in the scene, or they can be used inside if( ) statements, both will work.

I have also added consequences that a transition (from scene to scene basically) can have. A couple of examples are; "ActiveIsErect" and "ReceivingPussyFilled". The latter one will transfer the contents of one partner's balls into the womb of the other, maybe bloating them and making them pregnant. The text in the xml file will be responsible for describing this to the player in a more human friendly way.

Variables are certain text strings that will be replaced by the engine whenever they are used in a scene. Examples include: active.cockDescription or receiving.cockDescription. Similarly there are variants for pussy, cum and all kinds of body parts. Often, there are more variations as well. Like active.cockDescription vs active.shortCockDescription, where the first will give a description like "red tapered cock with a knot" and the other is just "cock" or "ovipositor".

There are a lot more of these criteria, consequences and variables. I will be making an API that content creators can look up to see what they can use in their scenes. Personally, I know all of them by heart and can just check the text parser, but others won't be able to that, so an API will be made available.

At some point I might make some more tools that give you an overview of all the states and allow you to edit or rearrange them. But for now, just editing the xml file manually works fine. The engine does report a lot of different errors if you screw up, which is useful when writing content.

Back to work for me! There's lots more to do.
Been a loooong time since any updates now. Life kind of got in the way, busy with moving, and regular work took up most of my programming time. Imagine if this could be the full time job instead, eh?

Motivation also took a hit during the whole rewrite thing. Turns out it's not very stimulating to convert old scenes into a new format. Who knew?!

You may also have noticed spam if you have been checking the forums for updates. I've been purging them and adding some limitations to posting, which helped, but has not solved the issue. I'll have to look into better spam protection when I have the time.

Lately I have been adding the seduction part of the game for general encounters. The transition from meeting to sex was very jarring. It's not done yet though. I have to decide how extensive I want the first iteration to be.

The next release will be a jump content-wise. I'm not making any statements as to when it will be though. Progress has been slow as I mentioned.
Hello there! A reminder that I still have been checking over this game once in a week or two... While I would love to see the next update I do understand that it seems like trying to move an ocean by a spoonful... It was nice to see the progress. If the author still goes on with the development, then best of luck..
Though, looking at the forum and basically lack of any attention from anyone to this, I guess it would be most likely scenario that it's given upon, or progressing too slow to be significant... Then, I would say that it was a fun ride. Thank you for all the work you did on this game. Sorry if my post sounds a bit short or pessimistic, I'm trying my best to write this. Thank you again and looking forward to some new announcements! ^^ Or message of "discontinued", whichever happens. Sorry for pessimism again!
(02-01-2017, 10:14 AM)dgnf Wrote: Hello there! A reminder that I still have been checking over this game once in a week or two...

Hi there! Your disappointment is absolutely understandable.

I have no plans of abandoning the project. Should really pull myself together and set aside some serious time to work on it though. It's been mostly a bit on the weekends lately. Bugfixing and migrating the project to mercurial (source control) the last two weekends.

I wanted to finish the first planet before making another release. Make it worth playing before subjecting others to it Tongue Might be more realistic to do some more periodic updates though. Right now the lack of rape makes transitioning out of combat feel really weird, so I at least want to address that before releasing anything.

I should get one of those angry drill sergeants to follow me and get me to work more often.

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