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Being worked on
Still have some work left on the whole skill tree thing. It needs proper display of skill descriptions, as well as save/load support.
I want to post 0.1.7 this weekend, but I'm a little unsure how realistic that is. It depends heavily on how many problems I encounter during the skill-system implementation. We'll just have to see.

During the week, I have managed to get a lot of it working. You can currently enter the skill tree screen. It has tabs for "Combat" and "Sex" and it is capable of displaying the skills themselves. I haven't written the code that automatically populates the trees with all the skills though, so that needs doing. As well as save/load of progression (xp, and the level of all the skills in the player's tree.) Oh yeah, and I need to add the combat skills. I have a few written down, but it needs to be coded. So far I have only added a few of the sex skills.
Not quite there yet I'm afraid. I have it up and running for the most part, but there are still a couple of issues I need to address. I updated unity yesterday and that ate a good chunk of my time.
Alright, the skill system seems to be working well now. I just need to add some xp gain for the sex stuff. Only combat yields xp atm. Makes it kinda hard to to level sex stuff you know?

I also noticed some iffy behavior with combat and looting. Probably something I introduced in the last version. I'm going to take a look at that as well before making 0.1.7.
Solved the combat problem. Turns out it was just an inventory not being cleared properly before generating random equipment for your opponent. I'll have a look at making 0.1.7 now.
Alright, next up:

I have a few choices here. I'm just going to list a few and work on which ever one I feel like. More fun that way.

Finish unfinished scenes:
-Vaginal scenes (Some choices are missing a good meaty description.)
-Throat fucking scenes (There is some text in the game, but it's just raw text. I should finish it up so it's nice and implemented-like.)
-More unfinished scenes? Can't have half-finished stuff lying around for too long. That would be unsanitary.

Finish the guest system:
-Guests are treated as prisoners at the moment. Gotta fix that.

Finish the prison system:
-Make it so you can release prisoners from the prison. The code supports it. It just needs some buttons.
-Make the body editor available on prisoners. The body editor should be compatible with that, just gotta make some buttons and make sure it works properly with prisoners.
-If I remember correctly, interacting with a prisoner goes straight to sex scenes. (I made the prison before the conversation system was implemented.) Should probably have some prison specific but generic conversation structure as well. Maybe even some hate. Could make for some feisty sex scenes later, or maybe even prisoners could try to escape? But that's for later. Just some basic conversation will do for now.

Finish the nursery:
-The nursery is currently implemented in the code, but not shown to the player. It needs a place on the ship you can go and look at your little abominations.
-I'm not sure if I finished the generator that makes kids. It should produce a new body that has traits from both parents, or one of them if ovipositor eggs or override womb.

If I forgot any I'll edit this post.
Real life got a bit in the way lately. Overtime at work for the most part.

I did manage to finish a good bit on a personality module. I'll be using that to produce dialogue during scenes. That should provide some more variation, depending on what personality your partner has. It's basically variation in dirty talk we're talking about here.

Also did some work on some vaginal scenes, but not as much as I'd like.
Not the most productive weekend. Finished a scene. Not entirely satisfied with it. Going to go over it again to make it feel a little more alive.

Motivation has been a bit off, which might have something to do with it. These regular scenes are not the most exciting to write. If it gets too boring I'll do some work on some more extreme stuff, even if it is for another planet.
I should probably make a post here so people don't think I died or anything. Smile

I'm in a bit of an offline mode at the moment. My internet connection is monitored, so I don't have a lot of opportunities to update here. This will last for a week or two. It doesn't stop me from working on the game, in fact I'm getting more done than usual. I have even managed to re-write the scene code to work like a state-machine. In preparation for modding support, ease of maintenance for my own sake, and stability. The node-network tests itself for dead ends among some other things now, which is kinda cool. I've also added some complexity to some of the scenes. Adding more stages, making sure they work from both perspectives. That kind of thing. I must say I'm very happy with how that change turned out. It has been a point of concern for me for some time, and now it's fixed, which is great!

I'm not going to make any promises for a new build as I don't know when I can safely access this site again. Hard to predict. Next version will have more hours of work in it than the previous couple of updates though.
So I actually ended up working on adding modding support. Technically it's a matter of changing the way I add content. Instead of hard-coding scenes I'll add just text, which will later be read from files, and then the engine reads that text. The engine reads the text for the scene, replaces any pronouns with the appropriate ones depending on the participants' genders. The pronoun handling is done and I'm currently working on simple replacements like "active.cockDescription" is replaced with the actual description if it exists within the scene text. After that I'm adding support for if-statements, so you can write "if(active.hasKnot){You feel the thick knot starting to stretch you open as it demands entry.}". The list of available tags an author can use is ever-growing, which is why it is smart to do all this now rather than later.

The system itself will allow anyone who wants to mod to change the game's content as they please, without having to ask or work with me. Unless you feel there are missing tags that you need. Basically the content that comes with the game will be placed in a bunch of text files, and you can change these or add new ones, and the game will read them when started. I'm doing this for scenes first. Later I will be adding basically the same thing for locations you can explore, conversations and existing characters. All these things should fit nicely into this system.

It is a lot of work though. Not an easy task at all. But on the flip-side it is very interesting.

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