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Being worked on
Haven't had too much spare time today, but I did mange to iron out a few bugs. Tomorrow (thursday) has some RL tasks scheduled, but I'll try to wrap up a build if time permits.
Alright. Laptop ran out of power. I've been tweaking and fixing little things here and there. The rate at which I'm finding stuff is low enough that I'll make a build now. Just need to let the dev-machine charge a bit first.
Build has been made.

The WebGL version seems to have grown even more temperamental than usual. I'll have to look into that.

I'm going to have a look at the face riding scene now. See if it needs a lot of work to be re-implemented after the scene system overhaul.
Don't mind me, I'm just making some notes here on things I've fiddled with. (For the next changelog)

-Re-included face riding. Had to add variations for positions: BackOnProp, BackOnFloor. The current supported position was StandingFacing. Face-riding now takes boobs into account. More specifically, the lack of them if the active partner does not have any.
-Cock changed: Shaft type "Tentacle" is now "Prehensile". So if you want a tentacle, you just make a really long prehensile cock/ovipositor. This fits better for species like the reptilians, who I gave sort of a pointed prehensile cock.
-Fixed some inventory save/load issues. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way around breaking old savegames. Sorry Sad
I've been visiting family this weekend. I managed to get about 4 hours of work in, but nothing too crazy. I ended up writing some pretty tailored face riding scenes for the various positions, and I still have one position to write for that before it's done.

I'm also going to have a look at the pussy eating scenes for the next build. That shouldn't be too much work though. Mostly bug fixing and minor improvements for now. It is a little simple in terms of interactiveness currently, so I plan on going over it more in-depth some time in the future, but not right now.
Just a quick update. During the week I managed to finish all the position variations for the ride face. (With the grinding option and orgasms.) They were a bit different in terms of logistics, so I decided it was needed. Just now I finished integrating those scenes into the game.

There are basically 3 valid positions for a pussy owner to ride someone's face.
Standing facing: The receiver kneels (because that makes sense) and the active sort of humps.
Back on prop: (Prop can be crate/rock/table/etc.) The receiver hangs their head off the table/rock/whatever and the active stands over them and grinds their pussy on the receiver's face.
Back on floor/ground: The receiver simply lies on their back while the active rides their face. The receiver can see the active's breasts if they have them.

If I'm not forgetting anything, the only thing left should be going over the "Eat pussy" scene and fixing bugs. That should be everything for the next version.
Alright, 0.1.6 is finished building. Just need to upload it.

Edit: Version 0.1.6 released.
I've started working on leveling and skills. So far I've split them in two, which are completely separate. Combat and Sex. Each have their own xp bar and skills to choose from. I've opted against character levels, and each time your xp bar fills, you are given a point which you can spend where ever you want.

Obviously it's a work in progress, and I'll be looking for criticism on it when it's released.
Updated the first post in this thread with some future changes and a couple of bugs.

I'm going to work on the leveling system some more now. Need to figure out where to put the XP bars.
Both XP bars are in place. They show whenever you are just walking around, but are hidden during combat and sex. I've set a static XP gain after combat, but maybe the amount of XP you get should be dependent on how many turns the combat takes or something? I need to think about what controls seXP gain during sex. I could tie it to orgasms, or maybe number of "moves". Or I could just make it x per "sex".

Now I need to look at the skill tree. It needs to dynamically populate and display based on skills I've added to a list. That way it will be easy to maintain in the future. I can just add a new skill to the list and it will work. The skill tree should work on tablets too in my opinion, so I should avoid using right clicking. Also it should support both leveling up a skill as well as leveling it down. Since there is no level cap, you can use your skill points to un-level as well. This is good for respeccing. In combat that won't often be something you want to do, unless something didn't work the way you expected or something. In sex however, I was thinking of tying various features to skills. Maybe even the body parts. In that case you will want the ability to un-skill something.

The skill tree needs two tabs, which are again divided into subsections. For combat it could be offense/defence/etc. For sex skills it could be pussy/cock/breasts/mouth/etc or something along those lines. For example, there will be skills that make your saliva an aphrodisiac. A similar skill for your pussy etc.

Just thinking out loud here. Feel free to comment if you're reading this. Anyway, back to work for me.

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