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Being worked on
Done with the combat system. At least the basis of it. It interacts with equipped items properly, and transitions correctly into either leaving or rape. Although rape is not in yet, so it's just regular fucking currently. Combat is initiated from the conversation system, which I should expand on soon. Both to make it flow a bit more, and to seem less game-mechanicy.

I still need to do some work on inventory management and looting though. I haven't made any GUI for equipping, un-equipping, consuming, etc. Talent system and abilities beyond item based abilities can wait a bit.

I also reworked a few things with regards to code cohesion, but players shouldn't notice anything different.
Inventory management now works. That includes viewing all items, equipping, unequipping and discarding items. Said items also work correctly in combat when equipped. I'll probably tweak it a bit, but I'll consider it finished for the time being.

Next up is looting and droptables.
Been going over things. Fixed a couple of bugs with the combat system. Added stats printouts for equippable items, so you can easily see armor, damage and armor piercing values on each item.

I also added a "Look" option to conversations, sex-scenes and combat, and removed the top-down-body-description from the start of conversations. This was done to reduce repetitive information that you will probably remember from last time anyway. So it is now a manual button press, giving the player the choice. The plan is for the description to take into account various states of the character being described. Like clothed/naked, has erection etc. Currently I think only pregnancy is mentioned in the description (apart from all the various body parts obviously). If I get any support at some point I will be adding avatars for both your own character and characters you meet, which will be constructed from different overlays depending on what body parts and colors the character has. But I have more important features that need implementing first, so that will have to wait.
Been working on writing scenes and implementing them into the game lately. There's still quite a few that need to be written, and there are a couple I'm not entirely happy with. We'll have to see what I end up doing with those, but for now I'll leave them as is.
Glad to see you're still working on this!
You might update your post on Fenoxo's forums to remind people you're here.

Sex scenes are going to be fleshed out more, at some point right?
It has been a little slow lately, but I'm almost finished with basic blowjob stuff now. I'll put up a new version when that's done.

I'm holding off on updating other places for the time being. I'd like to have a somewhat complete experience before I bring too much awareness. So, the main quest should be done before I do that. That's my current milestone.

Sex scenes will be fleshed out, absolutely Smile Anything that is just a sentence or two is a placeholder, and everything else will be iterated upon and expanded as I go. The 1st priority is to get the core scenes in places, then I will be adding more kinky stuff. Scenes currently account for a fairly small variation in bodies and body parts, and I'd like to expand on that as soon as the core gameplay is properly ironed out.
So, I've completed the blowjob scenes themselves, and they are now in the game. I still need to go over them a couple of times and check for any errors. Might have to write some orgasm-related stuff as well though, as I'm not sure the already existing stuff transitions properly with this new content.
A couple of things worth mentioning.

1. Something seems to have happened regarding forum accounts. All of a sudden I had to manually verify account registrations. Since I don't check the forum very often (There is generally no activity here by anyone else. Which is understandable at the moment Smile), it took some time before I noticed. I'm sorry about the wait on that one.

2. I've been working on orgasms during blowjobs this weekend. The options the players have are in, but the scenes are not quite finished. Once that is done I think I'll upload a new build. It's been a while since the last version, so in addition to all kinds of minor improvements and some scenes here and there, this version will include the combat system. It is pretty rudimentary at the moment though. Skills and such are not yet implemented, and it will need some more interesting items. But it's a start.
Alright, I've been having some hardware issues this weekend that prevented me from integrating scenes into the code. I've managed to remedy that problem, and I'm currently implementing the last blowjob scene (It is finished, just needs to be translated into code.)

I wanted to finish an oral knotting scene as well, but it's not quite there, so it'll have to wait.

Edit: Alright. The finish is codified. I'm currently going through everything that's new since last release, and checking for any must-fix issues.
Been doing some quality checking. The "become erect" scene description was a bit faulty, so I fixed that. Also there were some missing belly inflation descriptions.

I've fixed a few instances of incorrect pronouns, but I'm not sure I got all of them yet. Still need to go through a couple of variations of scenes to see if I missed anything. That should be the last thing before I make a new build.

Changes included in the new build should be:
-Combat system
-Inventory system
-Blowjob scenes
-Some other scenes that I've kind of lost track of.
-Various fixes I've stumbled across.

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