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Being worked on
Fixed some issues with oral today. There are still a couple of choices that feel a bit thin though, so I think I'll add a couple of more options to remedy that before I upload 0.1.3. And I need to run through some scenes where the AI is the active one to make sure their actions make sense.
Fuck! I had unexpected company today. The release will have to wait till tomorrow.

In case someone is reading this and is waiting, sorry Sad
I've been spending most of the day testing the AI when you're the passive partner(And fixing any issues I run into.). There have been several issues, most of them producing dead ends and most of them are fixed now. I'm currently hitting a dead end if the active NPC partner doesn't have a cock/ovipositor and you present your pussy. It's a bit of a mystery at the moment though.

I have to admit, I'm getting a little frustrated. I estimated this might take a couple of days, and it's just dragging on. I might decide to make a release despite some known bugs if it takes much longer.
Alright. Decided to make a release. Should be stable enough. Note that there are still some quirks that need to be addressed.

Fun fact: The way the scenes are structured now could theoretically be used in multiplayer. Not planning on adding multiplayer though. Tongue
I've been going over the AI, and it now recognizes when you "present" a body part. So if you present your pussy, it will either eat you out or penetrate it. I also discovered a few issues with how the AI responds to you having an orgasm, and have fixed those. The AI still ignores your requests for "Be gentle/Be rough/etc", and I'm fixing that next. After that I think I'll make another release, and then I'll start filling the scenes back in.
Fixed the "AI ignoring requests" issue. Also fixed some bugs, as is tradition.
I am currently working on writing scenes, and making sure existing ones still make sense in the new context.
Still writing scenes. Done with about 3 of them so far. First and second drafts that is. I will be revising them later to account for added features.
Had a strike of inspiration, so I did some work on the combat system. Still writing scenes though.
Still at it. Although I should probably have updated here on the forums a bit more.

I have, for the most part, completed the inventory system, and I am currently implementing the combat system itself.

As for amount of progress. I feel it has been slower than it should lately. Motivating yourself to make something for a completely silent audience can be difficult at times. Completely understandable though. I just need to get this game to a stage where the first planet feels somewhat complete, with quests and all that, before I can expect any interest Smile

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