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Being worked on
Currently missing content (These tend to show up as TODO in the game.):

New content:
Allow player to change DNA of prisoners (For testing)
Allow players to release prisoners.
Support for ear types.
Support for tails.
Dominant male character.
Replace "Get Fucked" with "Flirt" menu, allowing players to decide how they get fucked.
Throat fucking scenes
Leaving needs a proper description.
Hotkeys for choices, so you don't have to use the mouse.
Menu needs to be bound to Esc and what is currently the "Settings" button. It also need to contain a "Quit" button, and support multiple save slots. Note to self; Should there be a "Get/Set save string" button that lets the user extract the save data in plain text?
Penetrate/fuck/cum in mouth is not finished. It needs to be implemented to code.

Scroll areas should have scroll bars to indicate scroll position.
Dropdown boxes do not always expand in the correct direction. Example: The two last dropdowns in the body editor.(May or may not have been fixed in the new Unity version. Will have to verify.)
There is no mention of foreskin. Replace "Normal" tip with cut and uncut?
Balls are mentioned even if they are internal.
Vaginal scene needs to be revised. It suffers from fragmentation and some repetition.
Starting as female still leaves the "ReferToAs: Male" flag.
Change Position button is not wide enough for the text. Either fix that, or change the position system to use transitions. (Turn, Push Down, Flip, etc.)

Everything that is on this list are things that are not in the current version. Once the changes go live, I will remove them from the list. If there is a line through an item that means it is implemented, but not included in the current public version.
Just a quick status.

In order to properly implement the first character, I had to design planet layouts, factions, other characters and map locations for future characters to be placed in. This takes some time, but at least I won't have to do that for every character.

I've also added an exploration system, where you have a chance to discover new areas when exploring. It's not complicated, but I felt it was needed.
While the character I've been working on is for the most part done, I feel it is most beneficial to add some tails and ears before releasing the next build. (Maybe also some scene stuff including them.) That means more waiting, but better content.

You can make an account and complain here if you want. But so far, everything has been quiet. I'm interpreting that as noone is waiting atm. Tongue
Status: Currently testing and addressing various bugs.
Uhm... Ok, so I may have ended up writing an additional character. I just couldn't stop thinking about it, so I went ahead and wrote it. I'm finishing up an oral scene now, and I still need to codify it so it can be used with the random encounters as well.

Both of the characters are female (Which means the next one should probably be male.), where one is dominant, and the other is more curious/enthusiastic.

Note to self: Smaller but more frequent updates might be better for the future. Both for motivational reasons and for the sake of players.
Decided to make a release. Otherwise I'll end up nitpicking forever. There are some additions I want to make to the characters, but this should be a good start.

Updated this thread with 0.1.2 content.
I'm currently working on a better scene system, where you get to do things like clench and encourage things while being fucked, which in turn may affect what your partner does, as well as how quickly they'll cum.

I'm at my 4th iteration of this rework now, and I'm finally feeling good about how it's turning out. Will make a release when the system is in place, and another release when the accompanying scene text has been fleshed out.

Edit: Been wrestling with a very cryptic bug for the last two evenings. Decided to rewrite the way scene buttons work in an effort to resolve this issue. Going from Adding/Removing buttons to Showing/Hiding them.

The good news is that the new system itself seems to be working pretty well.

Edit2: Solved that cryptic bug. Still not sure why it occurred in the first place though.

I'm just sowing together various options now, making sure there are no dead ends etc. The new system is more of a "throwing ball" system, where whoever has the ball will pick an option. So if the NPC you are fucking/being fucked by has the ball they will pick an option just like you would if you were in their place, then throwing the ball to you. Note that scenes will now be divided into smaller fragments, which gives you more control and variation as well as making adding more options fairly easy.

I'll release a new build once this is functionally water tight, since some feedback on this system would be useful. Then I'll flesh out the text for all the choices for the next build after that.
Hey, i hope this is still alive. The game is great, i especially liked the "DNA Modification" part (as it was basically only one that was working XD). Keep going, and post updates more often. It's too quiet here and makes me think that you abandoned this.
Fair enough. Certainly not dead. Smile

I've been working on rewriting the scene system to make it more interactive. Especially if you are on the receiving end of a good railing. This also means there's more variation due to the NPCs making those same choices you would in their situation. I've also added an orgasm bar, so the sex scenes feel a little more like a game in itself.

I've also done some refactoring when it comes to allowed positions with taurs(Snake people, centaurs, driders etc), since the old system would become unmanageable with future additions. I decided to push this up a bit so I can add a trap door drider on the desert planet. Centaurs and regular driders are planned for the forest planet, and I felt that was a little too far into the future. I want to write a drider soon Tongue

Now, this has been taking a bit more time than expected. I was planning on making a build last weekend, but the details of orgasm handling has been more complex than expected. The penetrated partner might make choices like saying "Cum in me!", or "Don't cum inside me!". Then the penetrating partner may choose to ignore the request and cum inside anyway, or maybe cum on their partner's face/tits. Also, mutual orgasms have to be considered, and whether or not orgasms should be triggered by the player or automatically triggered when the orgasm meter reaches 100%. Lots of things to take into account, and so it takes a bit of time to work out.

I'll be more active on the update front.

Minor update 1: Overtime at work today. Spent an hour trying to figure out why the progress bar for orgasms is floating around in the middle of the screen, and now I need to get some sleep.
Minor update 2: Just fixed the progress bar bug. Buggy progress bars is what I get for using free assets I guess Tongue Going back to finishing the scene system itself now.
Minor update 3: Sorted out a lot of AI stuff today (How your NPC partner acts during scenes.), and it looks like it's just orgasm management that remains. I might do a little more work on the riding options as well before I call it done.
Alright, looks like the scene system is working. I'm currently testing and addressing bugs. Checking that the temporary text for each choice at least makes sense, and that there are no dead ends.

Since I'm not working on this full time, it might be a couple of days until I upload a new build, depending on how many problems I find.

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