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Full Version: Sex Skills
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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this, but it needs to go somewhere.

Now that sex skills are in the game, I would love some suggestions for new skills.

Current skills:
Cum category:
-Ejaculation Volume: Doubles your cum output with every level. For those who like to pump their partners full.
-Aphrodisiac Cum: Increases partner's orgasm meter when you cum in them. Could also affect scenes where suitable.
Breasts category:
-Breast Size: Adjust the breast size. The idea was to have this be the way to adjust breast size instead of the Change DNA screen. 0 is flat, 5 is massive.
-Aphrodisiac Lactate: I called it lactate because because technically it can be other things than milk. Honey for example. This skill increases partner's orgasm meter if you breastfeed them. Could also change the content of scenes where suitable.
-Permanent Lactation: Don't want to have to get pregnant to lactate? Take this skill and you will always produce milk or honey or whatever the hell it is you produce out of your breasts.
Breast Milk Volume: Increases how much milk or whatever your breasts produce.
Mouth category:
-Aphrodisiac Saliva: Increases partner's orgasm meter when kissing.