Version 0.1.6

Helix Prime 0.1.6 is now uploaded, and you can find it under “Play”.

-Face-riding scenes are now in. You’ll need to “Fuck” while having a pussy, or “Get Fucked” by someone who has one. Note that these scenes are fairly dominant. This will be adapted in the future to follow whatever personality type your partner has.
-I went over the “Eat Pussy” scene and fixed a number of bugs. It’s not actually finished, which is why the orgasm description is so thin. (It also needs to be split up to behave more like the other scenes in the game. Insert->Do activities->Extract)
-Cock changed: Shaft type “Tentacle” is now “Prehensile”. So if you want a tentacle, you just make a really long prehensile cock/ovipositor. This fits better for species like the reptilians, who I gave sort of a pointed prehensile cock.
-Fixed some inventory save/load issues. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way around breaking old save games. Sorry.

I do a lot of testing, but I can’t catch everything. So if you see something please do let me know!

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  1. Liz Aardt

    Hey !

    Nice ! An update ! As you suggested in previous comment, the face riding scene was rather interesting ! (and made me discover scene have variant depending on the the starting position, that was a nice surprise, through the overall UI doesn’t let guess that)
    Your plan to adapt these scene depending of character personality also sound super nice. I’m waiting for to see it in action ๐Ÿ™‚

    Speaking about position, I must admit the button size to select position is too narrow, so you can’t read the full position. Also, I find it pretty strange that, depending if you “fuck” or “get fucked”, it change your position or the one of your partner.
    Btw, have you through about splitting the position in multiple action ? I mean… Since most position share some part with some other (example : front or back), instead of having a list of position, you could have some position change order (like turn around, push down ; stand, turn around…).
    Saying it another way, you could have a graph with every position, and transition from state to other state “close” to it. (I hope I express it clearly)
    And, following that idea, I don’t know if you plan to be able to move yourself, and your partner, but I think it could be pretty for both participant to move.
    To finish, will you add scene that move to another position, (I’ll use the infamous kiss scene as an example : the scene finish as a “resting on xxx collarbone”, it could be a “standing against each other”, which would make a nice starter on some cuddle/groping move)
    and/or the possibility to change position during scene continuity ? (for example, let say a get sucked on the floor, you could sit (or crouch), while not stopping the scene. In the same way your partner could rotate on top of you, presenting you their part…)

    Also, I have some more general remark/questions (Okay, I guess lots of them are because the early state of the game) :
    – First thing, I’ve started by a “load” after using the new version, my game was in a totally buggy state. I don’t remember at all what where my save state, but I assume I had played – and saved in an earlier version.
    – I think having multiple “character file” could be invaluable.
    – There is no “quit” nor “to menu” button, that could be interesting.
    – In the same way, I find it disturbing having “escape” close the game without warning. When you know it, it’s ok, but I often expect it to bring a menu.
    – You have a full character customisation in the medic bay, but the creation in itself is totally bare. Is it intended ? (I mean, having a really quick start with gender selection may appeal some, while other prefer to customize everything before playing. Fair enough, both are available right now)
    – If you start with a female character, you’re referred as “male” in the medic parameters
    – I assume NPC aren’t random right now, since they are always identical. Through I’m curious, is this okay “cats” are 0.65m tall ?
    – And I just wanted to say you can’t talk any-more to Kita when you recruit her to your ship, and have no way to send her back to the planet (or set free any prisoner)

    I apologize in advance if I was a bit bothersome with that much text, and if my opinion is a bit too intrusive. Anyway, I wanted to say I’m enjoying your game a lot, and I’m waiting for the next releases !

    • Hello again,
      A lot of good points here. I’ll just start from the top.

      The position is always the receiving partner’s position. I should probably make that more obvious though. The problem with using separate positions for each partner is the increasing complexity from all the possible combinations and special considerations that need to be made. So as it is now the receiving partner is the “anchor” and the active partner is more free to move around depending on the scene.
      I like the idea of position transitions. If I can find a way to solve the difference between “back on prop” and “back on floor” it could work. Just flipping from back to stomach, or facing to facing away is easy though.
      Adding some minor position adjustment while penetrating or riding is a nice touch, and I might include some of those here and there.

      Loading was broken from the previous version, as I stated in the changelog. I try to avoid it, but I had to make a choice, and since it’s so early and there is very little progression to save I went with the clean fix which broke the savegames.

      I guess I should expand the menu functionality a bit, yes. Binding it to Esc and giving it a “Quit” option seems reasonable. Also, the save/load should have more save slots, yes.

      The idea behind character customization is intended to be as follows; You start with a human character, just selecting gender, hair and some other human characteristics. As you explore you unlock all the various body parts that you encounter on your journey. I’m open for suggestions and opinions though.

      I just fixed the Felins to be 110-120cm tall. They are intended to be small, but not THAT small. I’m planning on using the Felins for size related content, where size differences produce special variations of scenes, or completely different scenes. There will be big cats which are regular human’ish size as well.

      I have not made a random NPC generator for the random encounters yet, so they are currently a selection of custom made characters.

      The guest and prisoner system is simply not finished yet. You will be able to talk, fuck, free and capture pretty much all the characters in the game. That is part of the design.

      I think I touched on all your points. I appreciate the feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Liz Aardt

        Hey there !
        Glad my suggestions seemed on topic !

        So, back on position, using the “target” position as a reference sounds like a solid idea, through, assuming “position transition”, I think also having detail on the “person doing” position allow some extra scenes or detail.
        > My guess about it is creating optional sub-position (for example, “standing front” may have as sub-position : “resting on xxx collarbone”, “in xxx arms” ; and a default, unspecified one).
        > These sub-position could be a starting/ending point on some scene (eg : standing -> kiss -> resting on xxx collarbone). Since they are “sub”, any action from the “main” position could be available, eventually with minor variant, or some additional “transition description” text before it (or even optional scene for one sub-position, why not)
        > It could be what you meant with “minor position adjustment”, but I’d rather try to make myself clear, sorry if that’s bothersome (and for always taking the same example, that’s how much I like them !)
        > Also, I just wanted to say I see sub-position as entirely “optional” (I mean a sub-position could exist, be accessible, bot not provide any new scene nor scene variation).

        I’m not sure I got your “If I can find a way to solve the difference between โ€œback on propโ€ and โ€œback on floorโ€ it could work”.
        > First, what’s “back on prop” ? Having your back against everything (a tree, a wall…) or being crouched on something (like, a bed, a big rock…)
        – In the first case, it would be more close to “standing”, so I guess it’s not that. Anyway I don’t think it’s much different from a simple “standing”, apart the maybe more dominant aspect of pushing someone agaisnt something
        – If it’s the second case, the differences is mostly the height of the floor : if your character is also on the prop, then there isn’t really any differences. Else I guess you could make scene equivalent to “sucking someone sitting on a chair (while being on the floor)” (okay, it’s not the right position but I guess it illustrate my idea)
        > I’m not really sure I was on topic here…

        What you’re planing for character creation sounds pretty solid to me. Having to unlock transformation sounds pretty fun too.
        > On the other hand, I don’t know how you plan to give access to the transformation, but I fear having a “going to medical bay -> select transformation” won’t be really that interesting.
        > I mean : I think player build a bit of attachment to their character during their play because it evolve slowly, using item and discovering stuff, so I’m kinda afraid being able to change your character’s look everyday will cut that attachment.
        > On the other hand, having a way to quickly change your character on a whim can be fun too, through I’m not really sure it’s better than slowly tailored characters. I guess everything depend on your will to add a transformation fetish as a focus on the game or not.
        > Anyway, if you plan to keep the medical bay, being able to save character’s state and swap from one to another sounds good (through it further emphasis on the lack of attachment to a character, since it basically act as multiple different character depending on your will :/)

        I must admit the new cat’s size (…) sounds better. Having size related content sounds super good, same for human sized cat ! Btw, are you planning to add really tiny stuff too ? (like fairy. Mostly fairy, in fact)

        And, globally, thanks for answering to everything else ! I don’t really have anything to add on it, so… I’ll just apologize for making a wall of text again

        Anyway, I’m wondering what will be in the next release. I guess there is some waiting before it… But anyway, have fun making your game ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hey again,

          Huge comments become really hard to read, so I made a post about positions on the forum. Link:

          I haven’t 100% decided on how the unlocking process is going to work yet, and what you mentioned is a big part of that. Can’t be too hard, but also not too easy. And actual transformation events for each change would probably go over well with the tf crowd ๐Ÿ™‚

          Fairies; If people want scenes with species as small as fairies, sure. And if that is implemented, giants will be a thing as well. Sizes are generally relative, and it’s more of a perspective thing. So they go well together.

          I try to keep this thread updated on what I’m currently working on:
          Right now it’s the skill system. Both combat and sex. I’m working on the GUI part at the moment.

          Oh, and walls of text are easier to read on the forum ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Liz Aardt

            Hello here !

            Ah, yeah, there was a forum ! Totally forgot about that… It’s totally saving me the trouble of trying better formatting here… haha…

            And on fairy, yep, giants sounds pretty good to !

            Thanks for answering the rest too, and see you (soon) on the forum :3

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