Version 0.1.5

I could probably have split this update into several smaller updates, but what’s done is done. Note that leveling and skills are not included in this version.

Please note that the WebGL version can be a bit temperamental. I’ll be looking into it, but not right now.

-Added Combat system
-Added Inventory system
-Added Blowjob scenes
-Added a couple of other scenes
-Fixed too many bugs to count
-Tweaked a lot of minor things

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Comments (5)

  1. Liz Aardt

    Hey !

    I just wanted to say I find your game pretty fun, even through I don’t find much content in it right now (maybe because I mostly look for GxG stuff ?)

    I like the way you handle the “sexy part” ! through…
    – I often “struck” the game after making a NPC cum (a female npc with a female character). I mean, the text appear, but there is no button to continue/exit the “fight” after that.
    – (this is only my opinion) I find the description of every action pretty lenghty (through I often really like them), have you through about splitting them between multiple actions ? My point is, instead of a few big text, way more smaller text, with more choice to lead to them could be nice, and it could help to add diversity to the scene (smaller blocks to write). Anyway, that one is really an opinion, and maybe it won’t work at all. Feel free to forget this if it not really your opinion !

    • Hello,

      Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it 🙂

      You are correct in that there is not a lot of Female on Female content currently. I just looked over the little there is and noticed there is something weird going on with it. Like the letter ‘s’ not being added properly to verbs, etc. I’ll look into this for the next version.

      I just recreated the bug you mentioned, and I’ll get right on fixing that. Thank you!

      Also, you might be interested to know I’m currently finishing a “Ride face” scene, which will obviously be available for Female/Female. That will be in 0.1.6.

      When it comes to the length of each scene between choices, I do agree. But the more choices I add the more complex the scene becomes. I’ll keep it in mind though.

      • Liz Aardt

        Hii !
        My pleasure !

        And yes, indeed, it’s good to ear ! Thanks for the heads up about that scene !

        Thinking about the length of each scene, the major concern is, the scene repeat themselves, and kinda create a “cut” instead of feeling like a continuity.
        For example, the eat pussy scene : you crawl slowly to a npc name (really liking that part btw :)), you lick it, and… It cut there.
        If you “continue” to eat it (chose the same action), that scene will start from the beginning, repeating the preliminary.

        Anyway, I’m definitely waiting for the next release 🙂

        • Ah, yes. I see what you mean.

          Most of the other scenes function like this: Engage(F.ex: Penetrate) -> DoThingsToTheOtherPerson(Orgasm happens if meter is full) -> Disengage(Leaves the “penetrated” state, and you will have to re-engage to do things again.)
          I don’t see why this pattern shouldn’t apply to eating pussy too.

          I was planning on having a look at this oral scene, as well as the face riding scene for the next version. I’ve been busy with overtime this week though, so the only thing I’ve managed to do since monday is write the intro to a trapdoor drider character, which is not even for the next version. Visiting family this weekend. Will have to see if I can squeeze in everything then.

          • Liz Aardt

            Actually, what you describe is like exactly what I was thinking about – so it’s nice to see you saying you don’t see why it shouldn’t apply to eating pussy (or, I hope, any other scene that isn’t a quick tease/one shot)

            I hope more of you scene will either be chain of event like you described or quick tease event 🙂 (and I’d really love to see more branching or alternative scene, but I guess you have a lot to do before…) Anyway, it’s your game, I’ll probably be happy with everything you do !

            Thanks for your schedule, and more importantly take your time ! Enjoy your family if you want, take a rest if you need too… I’m waiting for the next release, but I don’t think it’s a great idea to rush it or burn on it

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