Version 0.1.2

Hello everyone. Still alive. Overtime at work leading up to christmas has meant less free time, hence the lack of updates. I’m afraid this isn’t the most interesting version, even though a lot of time has gone into it. Most of the changes are either bugfixes, entirely technical stuff like saving/loading, or tools I’ll be using to write content with less errors in it. (There have been some… complaints.) Said tools also make it faster to write scenes into code, which is nice.

Next up will probably be a makeover of the sex scene system. They need some more interactivity (especially if the player is on the receiving end.), as well as maybe some orgasm meters or something along those lines. I’ll see what I can come up with.

New content/features:
Character creator.(More options needed?)
Slithix has appeared in the cave.

NPCs only go for the vagina.
Missing dropdown for upper/lower body skin type. Only one is currently shown.
“ther” should be “the” when arriving at the bridge of your ship.
Character starts with 0 breasts. Should be 2, even if flat.
“It reaches” function does not account for positions where the receiving partner faces away. The result sounds really out of place.
Kiss scene was missing a “.ToLowerCase()” resulting in “and move Your knee”.
Anal scene had a pronoun that was always female.
“move” is repeated in Kita’s introduction.
“Sharp teeth” description is missing. (Reptiles)
Vaginal pull-out has “TODO” in it, and also mentions pulling out twice.
A bunch more that I found while going over content.

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