Prototype 1 updated

Prototype 1 has been refined a little. Filled in the body descriptions a bit, and added some missing scenes.

It’s still under the “Play” section.

Edit: Just a quick comment; You can change your gender in the Medical Bay on your ship 🙂

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  1. Jonas

    hi found your game a while back and just wanted to ask if it is still alive, also you might want to mention on the fenoxo page that the game is going strong, might live op the comment section.

    • Hey. Still at it. 🙂 Productivity varies though, since this is a free-time kind of project. Since the forums and website are quiet for the time being it might take some time before I respond as well. If it picks up I’ll check in a little more often.

      Right now I’m intentionally being quiet. I’d like to get the game to a point where it feels like a game before I start spreading the word. I did get a good round of feedback the last time I posted, so I’ve had plenty to work on since then. Right now, I feel it’s lacking purpose, so I’ll be adding some questline(s). Then I’ll consider if it feels playable, or if it needs something more.

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