Version 0.1.7

Helix Prime 0.1.7 is now uploaded. You can find it under the “Play” section.

Nothing dirty in this one I’m afraid, but you can click around in the skill tree. None of the skills do anything yet, as I would like to decide which skills will be in the game before I work them into functionality. There are also xp bars for combat and sex respectively. You will notice there are no levels, but each time you level up you can invest a point in a skill. You can also use points to level down, in case you picked something you regretted.

The combat skills I have included so far are passive skills, not active abilities. I will be adding some active ones as well, but selecting them will work the same way as the current skills.

The sex skills currently fall into two schools. Passive, where you gain some bonus to say… orgasms. Body modifications, where you can increase the volume of your fluids. I have also been considering using this tree to allow the player to unlock exotic body parts. Replacing or modifying the “Change DNA” menu in the medical bay. Any suggestions or requests are welcome.

Feel free to suggest any skills you would like to see!

-Skill and experience system implemented.
-Fixed a bug where your opponent would not attack you back if they were unarmed.

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