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Status update

Due to the lack of version updates lately, I feel I should update anyone who might be listening on what is currently going on.

In short, I have added modding support. I decided to do this sooner rather than later because I have to re-write all the sex-scenes from “hard-coded” to “data files”. The game now reads scenes from an xml file and it works great. Understands if-sentences, replaces pronouns and allows the use of variables like “pussyDescription”. The engine also does a series of integrity checks that notifies the writer of most kinds of mistakes they might make when using the API. What remains is to convert all the existing scenes, and in that process add any conditions and consequences the engine needs to handle for these. These will be listed in the API for modders, and I’ll make a forum post explaining how it all works later. Currently, the sex scenes are the only things that are moddeable, but these are also the most complicated and many other aspects will be moddeable later. I don’t expect the other things like locations etc to be quite as elaborate.

I’m really happy about how it’s turning out and while it’s pretty complicated to implement, the whole thing should be pretty easy on modders, not requiring any coding experience at all. This is quite a bit of work however, and it will still be some time before I make another update.

Status information

Even though I have not told anyone about this site yet, I am doing a quick mention of what is currently being worked on. For the sake of practice if nothing else.

Current tasks:

  • Finishing the vaginal scenes.
  • There is a missing part of the anal scenes. Adding that.

After this I will either do the oral scenes (There is a placeholder in the game at the moment, but it does not take any code into account.) or start making the first real character with conversations and all that. (Lover/Waifu/whateveryouwannacallit)