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Prototype 1 updated

Prototype 1 has been refined a little. Filled in the body descriptions a bit, and added some missing scenes.

It’s still under the “Play” section.

Edit: Just a quick comment; You can change your gender in the Medical Bay on your ship 🙂

Prototype 1 is now available

You can now find the first prototype of Helix Prime under the “Play” section. (I’ve made browser builds for now.)

There are still some “TODO”s you will run into, and the content is not final. However, this should give you an idea of what Helix Prime is, and basis for feedback/suggestions, which I really need at this point 🙂

If the forum is not cooperating, please let me know at helixprimegame@

Forum is up!

Forum should now be configured and running. Send me an e-mail at helixprimegame@ if it does anything strange.

Website is up!

Domain and website are now up!