Status update

Due to the lack of version updates lately, I feel I should update anyone who might be listening on what is currently going on.

In short, I have added modding support. I decided to do this sooner rather than later because I have to re-write all the sex-scenes from “hard-coded” to “data files”. The game now reads scenes from an xml file and it works great. Understands if-sentences, replaces pronouns and allows the use of variables like “pussyDescription”. The engine also does a series of integrity checks that notifies the writer of most kinds of mistakes they might make when using the API. What remains is to convert all the existing scenes, and in that process add any conditions and consequences the engine needs to handle for these. These will be listed in the API for modders, and I’ll make a forum post explaining how it all works later. Currently, the sex scenes are the only things that are moddeable, but these are also the most complicated and many other aspects will be moddeable later. I don’t expect the other things like locations etc to be quite as elaborate.

I’m really happy about how it’s turning out and while it’s pretty complicated to implement, the whole thing should be pretty easy on modders, not requiring any coding experience at all. This is quite a bit of work however, and it will still be some time before I make another update.

Version 0.1.7

Helix Prime 0.1.7 is now uploaded. You can find it under the “Play” section.

Nothing dirty in this one I’m afraid, but you can click around in the skill tree. None of the skills do anything yet, as I would like to decide which skills will be in the game before I work them into functionality. There are also xp bars for combat and sex respectively. You will notice there are no levels, but each time you level up you can invest a point in a skill. You can also use points to level down, in case you picked something you regretted.

The combat skills I have included so far are passive skills, not active abilities. I will be adding some active ones as well, but selecting them will work the same way as the current skills.

The sex skills currently fall into two schools. Passive, where you gain some bonus to say… orgasms. Body modifications, where you can increase the volume of your fluids. I have also been considering using this tree to allow the player to unlock exotic body parts. Replacing or modifying the “Change DNA” menu in the medical bay. Any suggestions or requests are welcome.

Feel free to suggest any skills you would like to see!

-Skill and experience system implemented.
-Fixed a bug where your opponent would not attack you back if they were unarmed.

Version 0.1.6

Helix Prime 0.1.6 is now uploaded, and you can find it under “Play”.

-Face-riding scenes are now in. You’ll need to “Fuck” while having a pussy, or “Get Fucked” by someone who has one. Note that these scenes are fairly dominant. This will be adapted in the future to follow whatever personality type your partner has.
-I went over the “Eat Pussy” scene and fixed a number of bugs. It’s not actually finished, which is why the orgasm description is so thin. (It also needs to be split up to behave more like the other scenes in the game. Insert->Do activities->Extract)
-Cock changed: Shaft type “Tentacle” is now “Prehensile”. So if you want a tentacle, you just make a really long prehensile cock/ovipositor. This fits better for species like the reptilians, who I gave sort of a pointed prehensile cock.
-Fixed some inventory save/load issues. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way around breaking old save games. Sorry.

I do a lot of testing, but I can’t catch everything. So if you see something please do let me know!

Version 0.1.5

I could probably have split this update into several smaller updates, but what’s done is done. Note that leveling and skills are not included in this version.

Please note that the WebGL version can be a bit temperamental. I’ll be looking into it, but not right now.

-Added Combat system
-Added Inventory system
-Added Blowjob scenes
-Added a couple of other scenes
-Fixed too many bugs to count
-Tweaked a lot of minor things

Version 0.1.4

0.1.4 contains some fixes, and the NPCs now take your requests into consideration.

-NPCs will now respond to requests like “Be gentle” and “Cum in me”.
-Fixed some bugs that left you with no options in a scene.
-Added some error printouts with useful information if things go wrong.

Version 0.1.3

Well, that took longer than expected. I’m making a release even though there are some remaining issues, as the site has been awfully quiet recently.

The main thing in this version is a revised scene system. You can try it out by exploring anywhere in the desert and choosing either the “Fuck” or “Get Fucked” options. (Yes, I will refine those fairly soon.) Please note that I have temporarily removed the long scene texts. This was done to make it easier to see how the system works. Any feedback on it would be greatly appreciated.

There are a couple of remaining issues that I will be addressing next, mostly related to the AI. Currently, the AI ignores your requests and just does what it feels like instead. Also, it can seem a little erratic in some cases. Buttons also state “Cum”, even if eggs are on the menu. But feel free to comment on the forums, or on this post if you’d rather do that.

Again, feel free to comment on how this feels, or if there are any options you would like to see in the near/far future.

-New scene system.
-Text should now be pixel perfect.
-Minor things I noticed while working.

Version 0.1.2

Hello everyone. Still alive. Overtime at work leading up to christmas has meant less free time, hence the lack of updates. I’m afraid this isn’t the most interesting version, even though a lot of time has gone into it. Most of the changes are either bugfixes, entirely technical stuff like saving/loading, or tools I’ll be using to write content with less errors in it. (There have been some… complaints.) Said tools also make it faster to write scenes into code, which is nice.

Next up will probably be a makeover of the sex scene system. They need some more interactivity (especially if the player is on the receiving end.), as well as maybe some orgasm meters or something along those lines. I’ll see what I can come up with.

New content/features:
Character creator.(More options needed?)
Slithix has appeared in the cave.

NPCs only go for the vagina.
Missing dropdown for upper/lower body skin type. Only one is currently shown.
“ther” should be “the” when arriving at the bridge of your ship.
Character starts with 0 breasts. Should be 2, even if flat.
“It reaches” function does not account for positions where the receiving partner faces away. The result sounds really out of place.
Kiss scene was missing a “.ToLowerCase()” resulting in “and move Your knee”.
Anal scene had a pronoun that was always female.
“move” is repeated in Kita’s introduction.
“Sharp teeth” description is missing. (Reptiles)
Vaginal pull-out has “TODO” in it, and also mentions pulling out twice.
A bunch more that I found while going over content.

Version 0.1.1 is out.


New content:
The first unique character character can be found in the Oasis, in the Desert.
The second unique character can be found beyond the Pass.
Desert planet layout.
Added selection for Imperial/Metric units.
Added some ears and tails. But they don’t do anything yet.
Added an android version. Looks like it works ok.

Bugs fixed:
Anal pull was is missing
Vaginal scene should work now
Descriptions of bodies got some touching up
Cell scene was in the forest.
In the Change DNA menu, Hair Color and Cock Head dropdowns contained weird noise.
“Filters” are now named “Enabled Content” to avoid confusion.
When trying to select a character in your prison, you always got the last one.
“Get Fucked” only triggered anal.
Vaginal scene appeared to switch to anal for some reason.
Scene defaulted to forest most of the time. Let me know if you spot anything I missed.
Bunch of other stuff you probably never saw.

Other than that I’ve been doing a bunch of planning and testing. Let me know how you feel about things 🙂

Prototype 1 updated

Prototype 1 has been refined a little. Filled in the body descriptions a bit, and added some missing scenes.

It’s still under the “Play” section.

Edit: Just a quick comment; You can change your gender in the Medical Bay on your ship 🙂

Status information

Even though I have not told anyone about this site yet, I am doing a quick mention of what is currently being worked on. For the sake of practice if nothing else.

Current tasks:

  • Finishing the vaginal scenes.
  • There is a missing part of the anal scenes. Adding that.

After this I will either do the oral scenes (There is a placeholder in the game at the moment, but it does not take any code into account.) or start making the first real character with conversations and all that. (Lover/Waifu/whateveryouwannacallit)